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Greetings. March 12, 2009

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Hey, everyone!  I just started this pop/rock blog for my reviewing and publishing class.  I’ve never had a blog or anything like it before, so all this is new and overwhelming for me, but I hope to soon master the art of blogging well enough to post some interesting stuff on here.  With this blog, I hope to further develop my music reviewing/commenting voice, and have a whole lot of fun doing it.  I also think this is a great opportunity to share my interest in music with others, and I hope to continue this blog long after I’m finished with my reviewing and publishing class.  My blog will include musings/commentaries on various artists, albums, and songs that I think are noteworthy, and other miscellaneous music-related things.  I can see a great deal of my posts taking the form of “top ten” lists, because I have an inclination towards those sorts of things.  I’m not sure yet what albums I might be reviewing for this blog, if any, because I’m not very up-to-date right now on new and upcoming releases (I hear Bob Dylan’s coming out with an album soon, though.  If this is true, then I’ll almost certainly review that one).  But I’ll start keeping my eyes (and ears) open for new stuff, so we’ll see how that goes.  But now, in the words of the immortal mock-rockumentary director Marti DiBergi (who looks suspiciously like Rob Reiner…hmm…), “enough of my yakkin’.  Let’s boogie!”


D. DeGennaro


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