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“…And humble pie is always hard to swallow with your pride.” Or something to that effect. January 21, 2010

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Well, folks.  I’ve done the unthinkable.  I’ve sold out to the man.  I am to this blog what Dylan was to his surprisingly narrow-minded folky fans at Newport 1965.  I’m now the owner of an iPod Nano.  See, I thought I could resist the movement forever.  But then, while packing up for winter break at the very last minute, it occurred to me:  man, I have a whole heck of a lot of CDs that I couldn’t bear parting with even for a month (regardless of whether I actually played a single one of them over break is a different matter altogether).  And much as I love my vast and eclectic CD collection, it sure is a pain in the butt to have to transport it back and forth between home and school.  To make a long story short, I decided to swallow years’ worth of my technophobic pride and buy myself one of them new-fangled music machines.  This is not to say I’ve given up on all other formats of music (in fact, just earlier this week I was at f.y.e. splurging an obscene amount of holiday gift card credit — and then some — on CDs), nor that I’ve gained much more trust in technology.  But let’s face it — it’s so much easier to move your music collection from one location to another when it doesn’t weigh half as much as you do.


Music Video on Disney Channel Rips Off White Stripes; Commits Various Other Atrocities January 5, 2010

Earlier this week, I was up late with insomnia and turned on the TV.  I settled on the Disney Channel, being that it has some really good animated series on really late at night (pretty much the only thing of any worth to me on the Disney Channel anymore).  So anyway, in between the animated series of The Little Mermaid (hey, shut up.  It was a good animated series, mmmkay?) and Lilo and Stitch (don’t judge me!), this music video by Disney’s latest commercial minion — I mean, superstar — Selena Gomez, comes on.  The first thing I notice about the video is that gee, for a music video meant to target audiences between the ages of 8 and 14, Selena’s outfit/moves/lyrics sure are a bit mature (I mean, come on?  Does a role model for prepubescent girls really need to sport a spaghetti-strapped minidress, tons of makeup, and a designer hairdo and sing about romantic relationships in order to reach her fans?  I’m sorry if I sound like a nit-picky old lady here, but really)…and then about halfway through the video, it occurs to me that the stuff going on in the background looks awfully familiar…I mean, what with the endless red, white, and black triangles perpetually moving towards the screen.  At this point, I think to myself, “Man, I liked this video so much better when it was called ‘Seven Nation Army’…”  Now, I’m not saying that Miss Gomez nor Boss Disney are intentionally ripping off the video for one of the previous decade’s defining songs or anything, but there is  a more-than-passing resemblance between the two videos, dotcha think?


Video of the Week: “Fireflies” by Owl City January 4, 2010

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Remember all the cool toys you had when you were a kid?  If you were born at any time in the eighties, you may see a few of these toys in this video from the one-man musical project Owl City, a.k.a. Adam Young.  Not only does Young’s bedroom in this video house an impressive collection of retro toys, but they all come to life and seem to dance along with the music he plays on his keyboard.  This whimsical video may evoke warm memories of one’s childhood.  As for me, it kind of reminds me of a scene from Pod People — only with better effects, less annoying music, and no obnoxious European kid named Tommy or freakish puppety alien named Trumpy.

Click here for the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr9EKJatJvA