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Hello, It’s Me. I’ve Thought About Us For a Long Long Time… June 25, 2011

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Hello, all you fabulous readers!  *crickets*  Mom, are you even checking on me anymore?  So I know it’s been nearly a year since I posted on here, and a lot has happened since.  Let’s see, The White Stripes called it quits (*sob*), Conan O’Brien came back on TV (yay!), I got to see Weird Al Yankovic in concert (“Ahm on CRAIGSLIST!”), and I finished up my senior year in college.  Which I guess was kind of a big deal, but now I’m home, unemployed (hopefully not for long), bored, and I thought, hey, isn’t it about time I started posting on my blog again?  So here I am.  If anyone cares (Mom?).  Anyway, assuming that I’m going to be posting again on a semi-regular basis, this is what you can expect from some of my upcoming posts:

  • A list (probably in some sort of top-ten countdown style) of the most significant music I’ve gotten into since I last posted.
  • A critique of Fuse’s “Top 100 Sexiest Videos of All Time” countdown thing, and why I think some of the picks were a tad bit inappropriate to put on a list of “sexy” videos.
  • Lots of other feminist critiques of popular culture (but mostly music).  Since I’ve spent my time on far more feminist blogs than music blogs over the past couple of years, this blog is going to have a bit of a feminist bent to it.  You have been warned.
  • An earnest appology to Kate Moss, whom I still do not care for but whom I now realize I said a lot of stupid, un-feminist things about her previously.
  • A reprise of my “video of the week” thing (hopefully an actually weekly thing now).

And now, without further ado, as was suggested about ten months ago, I give you, a music video featuring Noel Fielding.  Enjoy.


One Response to “Hello, It’s Me. I’ve Thought About Us For a Long Long Time…”

  1. Your Most Faithful Reader Says:

    Yes, I do care! And I do check regularly, just not at the same frquency as in the past.

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