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My faith in VH1 has been ever so slightly restored… September 4, 2011

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Well, dear readers, I’m back.  What, you thought I’d be gone the whole holiday weekend?  Nah.  A weekend of partying in Seaside Heights is only so much fun for so long when you have a distaste for alcohol and an indifference towards the haunts of Snookie and The Situation.  And then once your second cousin is subjected to unsolicited ass-slapping from that old neighborhood guy you’d hitherto thought was weird but harmless, it goes without saying that it’s time to get as far the hell away from there as possible.  But anyway, this post isn’t about that, nor is it about how littering kept me from being drafted or how much I dislike sauerkraut.  This is about what I found out about an hour ago while watching Celebrity Rehab on VH1 (hey, even I have my weaknesses).  ‘Cause during the commercial break, between all the mind-numbingly stupid ads that I mock ruthlessly was a short commercial announcing that Pop-Up Video will be returning in October.  And there was much rejoicing.

Between rebooting Behind the Music and this, it looks like VH1 is heading in a positive direction.


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