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So I’ve decided to make this week a themed week, ‘Cause why not? September 6, 2011

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And this week’s theme is Queen (yipes.  Try saying that five times fast).  For various reasons, the most obvious being that yesterday was Freddie Mercury’s birthday, but also because this year marks a number of other important anniversaries regarding Queen, including the 40th anniversary of the band’s genesis, and the 20th anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death (*sob*).  And also because I’ve been meaning to geek about Queen on this blog for the last month or so, as I’ve recently become über obsessed with the band (I’ve been a big Queen fan for most of my life, but until now I was only really aware of some of their more well-known material.  And now I’ve got their first four albums on CD.  With BONUS DISCS!).  So yeah, this week, I celebrate my love for Queen.

So Google did something kinda awesome for Freddie’s birthday yesterday:

My favorite part is around 1:15, because if anyone ever had adorable mustachioed bicycle-riding bears in their royal menagerie, Freddie would have.


It’s a very special someone’s birthday today…

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I know it’s a bit late in the day to be announcing this, but today (okay, yesterday, by the time this is posted), September 5, 2011, is the sixty-fifth birthday of a rock ‘n’ roll legend.  The man I speak of is quite possibly the greatest rock vocalist of all time, a charismatic performer, and the man I voted prom queen back in 2007 (true story).

I am talking, of course, of the late great Farrokh Bulsara, better known as Freddie Mercury.

Happy Birthday, Freddie!

 Freddie rose to fame in the mid-1970s as the frontman of Queen, one of the biggest rock bands of all time, who remained active up until the singer’s untimely death from AIDS in 1991 (yeah, maybe Freddie’s former bandmates Brian May and Roger Taylor may have re-united under the name Queen and toured with that guy from Bad Company and Free a few years, but I tend not to acknowledge that whole…thing).  The group’s ecclectic array of musical style owes much to Mercury’s songwriting, which draws inspiration from diverse genres ranging from opera to ragtime to old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll (apparently, there are those who are still fooled into thinking “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is an Elvis song, despite being recorded after Presley’s death).  With Freddie’s help, Queen stole the show at the already star-studded Live Aid concert in 1985 (to give you an idea of how big a deal this is, they shared a bill with Bono, David Bowie, and Paul McCartney.  That’s right.  They upstaged a freakin’ Beatle).  Other instances of badassery in Freddie Mercury’s career and posthumous legacy include providing the soundtrack to two films (the film adaptation of Flash Gordon and the first Highlander movie.  At least one of these soundtracks was almost certainly better than the film itself), collaborating with Spanish opera singer Montserrat Caballé, having a statue of his likeness erected in Switzerland, and did I mention he was voted prom queen by yours truly at the senior prom (okay, but I didn’t tell you that I also spent most of the dinner course at said prom singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” into my fork, now did I)?


My faith in VH1 has been ever so slightly restored… September 4, 2011

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Well, dear readers, I’m back.  What, you thought I’d be gone the whole holiday weekend?  Nah.  A weekend of partying in Seaside Heights is only so much fun for so long when you have a distaste for alcohol and an indifference towards the haunts of Snookie and The Situation.  And then once your second cousin is subjected to unsolicited ass-slapping from that old neighborhood guy you’d hitherto thought was weird but harmless, it goes without saying that it’s time to get as far the hell away from there as possible.  But anyway, this post isn’t about that, nor is it about how littering kept me from being drafted or how much I dislike sauerkraut.  This is about what I found out about an hour ago while watching Celebrity Rehab on VH1 (hey, even I have my weaknesses).  ‘Cause during the commercial break, between all the mind-numbingly stupid ads that I mock ruthlessly was a short commercial announcing that Pop-Up Video will be returning in October.  And there was much rejoicing.

Between rebooting Behind the Music and this, it looks like VH1 is heading in a positive direction.


Video of the Week: “Different” by Ximena Sariñana September 2, 2011

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Yeah, ya know how I said that I’d be posting daily from now on?  Well, this weekend doesn’t count.  I have a perfectly good reason, though, I’m going to be over my uncle’s house, where it’s not likely I’ll be able to connect to the internet at all.  So, anyway, this video will have to tide you over for the next few days.  I caught this video once or twice on VH1 during those increasingly rare occasions that the station shows anything remotely relevant to its music-hungry viewers.  Its summery effervescence has to be seen to be believed, and the song itself is so catchy (and so something that I can relate to, to the point that it may have replaced Matchbox 20’s “Unwell” as my sorta-kinda-official theme song) that it’s been stuck in my head for nearly the entire day.  And remember, this is all you’re getting for the next few days, so by the time I’m back I expect you all to have the lyrics and the dance moves memorized.  There might be a quiz.  Mom, you’re exempt, being that you’ll be at my uncle’s house for the weekend too.  But seriously, dear readers (if you do, in fact, exist), enjoy the video, and enjoy the holiday weekend.


So I’ve Pretty Much Decided to Post at Least Once Daily… September 1, 2011

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…starting today.  I know, it’s been a month or two since my last post, and my posts have been few and far between in the past few years.  But now that I’ve graduated, I’ve got a whole heck of a lot of free time on my hands and no excuse not to post as often anymore.  Besides, being an aspiring writer (and possible music journalist/reviewer), it’ll give me the incentive to actually, y’know, write.  About stuff that I’m passionate about.  That also means that a larger percentage of my posts will be about mundane stuff like that cool song I heard on the radio today (can’t think of any from today in particular, just hypothetically) or reflect on some facet of my lifelong music fandom and music in general.  I’ll still try to keep up with the “Videos of the Week” (maybe actually make them a weekly thing, as their name suggests), and occasionally will post some big feature like one of my lists or some tribute to one of my all-time favorite bands/artists/albums/genres/soundtracks/songs/whatever.  But for now, it’s late, and I need to get up early for work tomorrow, so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite YouTube videos ever, which is no less than 25 kinds of hilarious.  Enjoy.