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Video of the Relaunch: “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People November 21, 2019

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I’m back!  Hi, Mom!  It’s been over six years, but I’ve finally gotten around to posting again.  I’ve chosen “Pumped Up Kicks” as the video to herald my return, as it is one of my favorite, possibly my very favorite, song of this decade which is fast coming to a close (and which I’ve been absent for most of (sorry).  Fun fact:  the first time I heard this song was on VH1 or Fuse, and the words “gun” and “bullet” had been bleeped out, so for about a month or so I thought they were saying “better run, better run, outrun my shit.”  The song got much better in my opinion, albeit more disturbing, when I found out the bouncy little ditty was actually about a would-be school shooter (not unlike the equally inappropriately catchy “I Don’t Like Mondays” by the Boomtown Rats).  So the more you know, I guess?  Anyway, enjoy.