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Happy b-day, bro! February 16, 2010

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Today is a very special day.  Namely, it’s my kid brother’s 16th birthday.  Seems like just yesterday my parents brought the little sucker home.  Unfortunately, his musical tastes are largely a mystery to me (as he’s never been as huge a music fan as I have, or at least not as vocal.  Plus, he’s going through that phase where he generally doesn’t say more than a couple of syllables at a time, so I’m not too sure what his interests are nowadays), which means sending a birthday dedication to him (which I doubt he’ll see anyway, since I’m pretty sure he never comes on this site) will take a bit of guesswork, but I’ll do the best I can.

What little info I’ve been able to glean about the bro’s interest in music has led me to the conclusion that he’s a fan of The Who.  A couple years ago, I remember him expressing his outrage after a DJ at a middle school dance refused to play “My Generation” after he and his friends requested it, since apparently “not enough kids would appreciate it” (screw that.  This song’s about teenagers and young adults.  Whether they’re aware of it or not, those little snot-nosed middle schoolers can relate to this song).  So, here’s “My Generation”.

I also know that my brother is quite the Beatles fan (something that he couldn’t really avoid, as we were practically raised to worship The Beatles).  In fact, there was once a time when he was so obsessed with the movie Yellow Submarine that he’d beg us to watch it every chance he’d get.  And if memory serves, this was his favorite Beatles song back in the day.

Now here’s something the little weasel might not own up to:  when he was about five or six, he was in love with the song “Love Has No Pride”, as it was featured in a very touching scene of his then-favorite movie The Little Rascals (another film he would make me watch with him ad nauseum).  I think the version featured in the film was by Bonnie Raitt, but since I think we had yet to own a CD of Give it Up at the time, and we did have some greatest hits compilation of Linda’s that had the song on it, we’d listen to Ms. Ronstadt’s version when we weren’t watching the movie.

So, once again, happy birthday, little bro!